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Roots in Greece

The monastery is headed by Abbess (Gerontisa) Pavlina. She and two other nuns came from a monastery in Greece. Over time other nuns will join them. The Orthodox Christians in Greece strongly support the monastic life. In each diocese there are may 20 to 25 monasteries.

For many years Abbess Pavlina has been coming to the U.S.A. making many friends and contacts. This gave her the opportunity to see their love, compassion and desire to have within their Church american monasteries.


The prayers and faith of Othodox Christians in America lit a flame in her heart encourging her along with two other nuns to make the important decision to leave their homeland, Greece and their monastery, to come in America and start a Monastery.


The Monastery belongs to the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Atlanta and our Holy Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta, invited them to start a Monastery in His Metropolis, in South Carolina. With His blessings, the blessings of their Holy Elders, the Grace of Holy God and Virgin Mary, they started the new Paracletos Greek Orthodox Monastery. 

They rely on the prayers of our priests and the help of the Orthodox Christians, whose devout faith and pure labor supports every creative and spiritual work of our Holy Church.



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